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With a toddler and newborn in the house, who could’ve guessed that would negatively affect writing output?  An early re-write of Zero-Sum Game is still in the works – albeit slower than projected. But Gregory is still blogging over at Buzz, Balls & Hype… and has recently started an interview series with novelists that were former Ad Men & Women. His latest conversations are with Marshall Karp and Steffan Postaer.


Year-End Update

Sequel of 'Dead Zero' now past the halfway mark.  Want a sneak peek of 'Zero-Sum Game'?  Check out the first 50 pages here.


On Submission

Still on submission. After multiple-revisions, ‘Katz Cradle’ has been re-named ‘Dead Zero.’ While waiting to hear back from publishing houses, Gregory is hard at work on a sequel and still blogging over at Buzz, Balls & Hype.


ThrillerFest, here we come.

Plane tickets are booked. Gregory will be attending ThrillerFest -- the annual conference for International Thriller Writers -- in NYC this July 13-15. He's hoping to network and score a beer coaster signed by James Patterson or Jeffery Deaver. If you'll be attending -- especially if you happen to, say, be the acquisitions editor at St. Martins' Press -- drop Gregory a line and drinks are on him!


Hallelujah... the hunt for a literary agent is over!

Gregory officially signs with literary agent Amy Moore-Benson -- who also represents thriller writers Alex Kava, Rick Mofina, and Linda Richards. Go buy their books. It will help Gregory score brownie points.


What the hell is a CPM, and why should I care?

Gregory starts "The Ad Man Answers," a regular, bi-weekly column for M.J. Rose's marketing blog: "Buzz, Balls & Hype." Tapping into his experience in the advertising biz, Gregory will cover a variety of media planning topics every other Thursday.


KATZ CRADLE takes first prize in writing contest.

The Writing Show has awarded KATZ CRADLE first prize in their contest for best opening of an unpublished novel. A podcast of the first chapter -- read by a professional actor -- is available on their site.